The ABR Trust helps people who have addiction

What is the ABR Trust?

The Abstinence Based Recovery Trust (ABR Trust) is a charitable fund created with the sole aim of assisting people suffering from chronic substance or alcohol dependence to receive abstinence based rehabilitation .

The fund is specifically in place to assist those who through hardship, or inability to acquire the appropriate funding, are prevented from entering treatment at the earliest possible opportunity. It recognises that dependence is best treated by a supportive and empathetic intervention with as few barriers as possible. The fund will allocate financial support where it has been recognised that genuine efforts to all normal sources of funding have been exhausted, or either medical and social need require an emergency intervention.

The ABR Trust has been established by Chip Somers who has 30 years experience of the treatment of substance misuse and will be monitored and managed by a Board of Trustees from a variety of backgrounds.


Address: 15 Harley Street
London W1G 9QQ

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