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What is the ABR Trust

The Abstinence Based Recovery Trust (ABR Trust) is a charitable fund created with the sole aim of assisting people suffering from chronic substance or alcohol dependence to receive abstinence based rehabilitation.
The fund is specifically in place to assist those who through hardship, or inability to acquire the appropriate funding, are prevented from entering treatment at the earliest possible opportunity. It recognises that dependence is best treated by a supportive and empathetic intervention with as few barriers as possible. The fund will allocate financial support where it has been recognised that genuine efforts to all normal sources of funding have been exhausted, or either medical and social need require an emergency intervention.
The ABR Trust has been established by Chip Somers who has 30 years experience of the treatment of substance misuse and will be monitored and managed by a Board of Trustees from a variety of backgrounds.

Who Can Apply

Technically anyone can apply. That being said all applicants should bear in mind that the charity has been set up to specifically help those people who cannot either fund their own treatment, or are unable to source funding through the normal statutory channels. Trying to get NHS or Local Authority funding for rehab is notoriously difficult and would seem to be getting worse each year. It is not unknown for clients with substantial addictions, or dependency on medication, to wait years to be even considered by a local funding panel. This is obviously very disheartening for clients, and their families, and can make them despair of the whole process. The ABR Trust will aim to ensure that the available treatment funds are allocated to those who have tried hard to get funding. The ABR Trust is not a short cut to rehab funding. We will be expecting you to demonstrate that you have exhausted the statutory channels and all other possible funding routes. Put simply the ABR Trust want to see evidence that you have made serious efforts to get funding. Experience has shown that some people think that funds like the ABR Trust are there just to dish out money to whoever asks. However experience has also taught us that the people who have invested the most in terms of effort often do better overall. The application process will ask questions that require the applicant to demonstrate what they have done prior to applying to ABR Trust. The Trust will ask to see if the client, or their family, are able to help, in however small a way, towards the cost of the treatment,. Our aim is to help those who are demonstrably most in need. There are, and always will be, exceptions, however we want to ensure that the money donated to the charity is distributed in the fairest, quickest and most equitable manner possible.

Chip Somers

Chip Somers is one of the founders of the Abstinence Based Recovery Trust. He currently works in private practice in Harley Street. In 1997 he founded the charity Focus12, an abstinence based residential rehab in Suffolk. Focus12 has an excellent reputation for reasonably priced detox and residential care. He has been working with addiction and alcohol problems for nearly 30 years.

He initially trained and subsequently worked at the drug rehab, Clouds House, Wiltshire. He went on to co-manage a 23 bedroom residential unit for men recovering from addiction and alcohol problems called Thurston House in London - part of the Chemical Dependency Centre. After 7 years he moved to the Priory Hospital Group as Treatment Director for the Dukes Priory Addiction Treatment Programme in Chelmsford, working with people with addiction, alcohol and eating disorders. Whilst there, he completed a Senior Management course. He has also worked for the Priory Hospital Group in Jersey, Channel Islands and Roehampton, London.
In addition, Chip has run his own private practice and a Family Support Group for Richmond Social Services. Chip has a Diploma in the Residential Care of Adults and Children. He is an occasional lecturer at both Kingston University and the University of East Anglia. He is also a regular speaker for the McLellan Practice taking his experience to school leavers.


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