Welcome to ABRtrust

Who Can Apply

Technically anyone can apply. That being said all applicants should bear in mind that the charity has been set up to specifically help those people who cannot either fund their own treatment, or are unable to source funding through the normal statutory channels.
Trying to get NHS or Local Authority funding for rehab is notoriously difficult and would seem to be getting worse each year. It is not unknown for clients with substantial addictions, or dependency on medication, to wait years to be even considered by a local funding panel. This is obviously very disheartening for clients, and their families, and can make them despair of the whole process.
The ABR Trust is, without doubt, constantly going to be required to ensure that what small funds they do have are distributed to those who have tried hard to get funding. The ABR Trust should not be seen as a short cut to rehab funding. We will be asking you to demonstrate that you have tried the statutory channels and have either been constantly refused, or you have exhausted all other possible funding routes.
Put simply the ABR Trust want to see that you have made an effort to get funding. Experience has shown that some people think that funds like the ABR Trust are there just to dish out money to whoever asks. However experience has also taught us that the people who have invested the most in terms of effort often do better overall.
The application process will ask questions that require the applicant to demonstrate what they have done prior to applying. It would not be inconceivable that the ABR Trust might ask to see if the client, or their family, are able to help, in however small a way, towards the cost of the treatment, detox or rehab experience.
Our aim is to help those most in need. There are, and always will be, exceptions to every rule. But we want to ensure that the money donated to the charity is distributed in the fairest, quickest and most equitable manner possible.